Starlight™ - BENCORE

Starlight™ - BENCORE



Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent SAN core bonded with external layers in Acrylic offered in various finishes and standard colours. 
Thanks to its characteristics of lightweight, stiffness, translucency and unique aesthetical feature resulting from the geometrical pattern of its core, this structural panel has a wide variety of indoor applications. 
Easy to cut Starlight™ panel can be finished with standard accessories profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. 
Starlight™ can also be edged with the same material used for the external layers.

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Theses samples are not on sale, they are only on loan. Once you have made payment, the sample will be reserved and we will get in touch to arrange shipping. If it is the first time you are taking samples our on loan, we will require a deposit.