Wood Terrazzo - FORESSO

Wood Terrazzo - FORESSO


Foresso’s founder Conor Taylor created his particular twist on traditional stone terrazzo, inspired by end grain timber piling up in carpentry workshops and the beautiful curls that we left by planning machines. After intense development he ha achieved a unique composite of delicate beauty.

Foresso is a decorative material that can be applied in a variety of ways from furniture to tiling to wall cladding. Every piece is different and unique as it is made from natural materials that are placed in random patterns. The wood grain textures and tone will vary and the surface has tiny pores. However, the resulting material is distinct and instantly recognisable. Working with the material required no specialist equipment, and its versatility allows for it to be altered in situ to perfectly suit any space.

Just as traditional stone terrazzo from the 15th century used stone waste for its creation, Foresso uses high quality FSC British timber waste that has been considered unsuitable for joinery, due to its size, shape or knots and other oddities. An innovative way to bring outcast wood shavings back to life.


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