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The SCIN Consultancy team brings together a unique blend of skill sets with the aim of growing businesses.

We aim to work through high level business issues, from market place analysis and brand positioning through to product development and in-market execution, helping businesses grow and deliver innovation with a fiercely commercial focus. We don’t believe in issuing ‘To Do Lists’ as our deliverables - we help you to actively achieve business goals. And we do it until you no longer need us to be there.


We meet, listen, think, propose then deliver.


How it works:

(1) The right materials to start with

We run client clinics every month. Come armed with a synopsis of the business and the issues you’re facing. These diagnosis sessions are designed to give you access to the full blend of our expertise, to really understand your needs and ensure we develop a process bespoke to your business.

(2) Tensile Strength

We flex to the needs of the brief, we don’t force projects into the shape of our business.

A proposal is created designed specifically to meet the needs of your project, with a process that can manage a full range of business needs. We operate within a wide network of discipline specialists who are called upon as and when they are needed. This means we remain discipline agnostic, operate in an agile and lean way but can deliver many different types of projects.

  Business issues we tackle:

  • Consumer/Specifier Insight Research, opportunity mapping and market analysis
  • Brand creation, positioning, renovation and design
  • Portfolio management
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Rapid project start up concept & experiments to test and measure hypothesis; de-risk investment.
  • Business strategy and commercial case building
  • Creative Marketing + Comms

Why it works:

  • 5 Key members who are experts in our fields - we're the ones that do the work.  We will not entrust your business or vision to juniors.
  • Access to a wide network of senior level practitioners across a number of marketing and innovation disciplines.
  • Our approach means we are a one-stop shop for your business needs with seamless handovers from one are to the next - no multiple agency 'knowledge loss' or triple briefings.
  • Our set up means we can step in and run projects for you - acting as senior level resource within your business.
  • Our structure makes us lean and cost efficient.

Meet the Team: