Wood fabric - FOLDTEX

Wood fabric - FOLDTEX


Foldtex provides the opportunity to enrich designs and spaces through intricate patterns and delicate forms. The special manufacturing process creates a versatile composite board that successfully draws from traditional folding techniques and applied them to a material that can be produced to almost any size. Examples of its use include stand alone adjustable acoustic panels, furniture and spatial components and temporary display pieces. Due to its unique characteristics, applications for short term projects mean that it can be stored as a flat material, and reformed to the desired structure, providing multiple uses. The linen canvas be treated with other surface finishes to further exaggerate the form. it is an ideal material when considering bespoke lighting designs; from lampshades to extensive artistic panels. Foldtex transforms any space whilst providing a full customisable experience.

Foldtex is a wood and textile composite board that offers a wide selection of patterns to achieve its flexible and foldable properties. Due the manufacturing process, it can be produced to any length desired. Made from birch plywood, natural wood & lightweight canvas.

Foldtex has excellent flexibility. It can be permanently fixed in a specific position or allowed to fold independently, depending on use. Ability to be used as a lighting diffuser or an acoustic partition.


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