Silicastone - ALUSID

Silicastone - ALUSID


SilicaStone - fused recycled glass and ceramics

ALUSID® is a new company that was born from a research project led by Professor David Binns and Dr Alasdair Bremner. Their aim is to produce sustainable architectural surfacing materials and is recyclable itself.

SilicaStone’s fused recycled glass and vitrified ceramics composite is a beautiful and unique substitute for natural stone products. There is also beauty in the fact that these materials would otherwise end up in landfill. The range of SilicaStone veneers comes in three design variations:

Strata - A classic look that resembles brick slip tiles

Incline - A surface with an engaging aesthetic effect that plays with light

Weave - A dramatically textured relief with great versatility

However, you can also shape the composite in a variety of bespoke forms and patterns creating exciting possibilities for both interior & exterior projects. Unlike natural stone, it can be produced in a variety of colours depending on your needs. SilicaStone is bound together by heat of it is also naturally heat & fire resistant, this means that it doesn’t change colour over time.

The ethical sourcing of natural stone is increasingly important for large corporations and for public contracts and this makes Allusive a great solution as it’s production process as a low environmental impact. It uses no resin binder to hold the material together, and it can be recycled back into the manufacturing process again

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