ECOR Recycled composite - ECOR

ECOR Recycled composite - ECOR


ECOR is a material which can be made into a diverse range of products dues to its strength and adaptability. ECOR is available in a range of varying qualities, consisting of different cellulose waste resources including paper, cardboard, rice, denim and sawdust. By recycling these materials it reduces waste and produces a high quality product with itself can be recycled.

ECOR is easy to work with, is non toxic and does not splinter. It can be cut, drilled and etched using standard woodwork tools, as well as laser cut, to form a vast range of shapes and 3D grids and structures. Complex curves are also achievable through a moulding process.

ECOR is a lightweight and also has a high strength to weight ration which makes ECOR suitable for many applications including furniture, transport interiors, interior wall cladding and retail displays. Custom paints, glues and adhesives can be applied to ECOR to create bespoke finishes and textures, which can then be used as stylish decorative panels.

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