Excrement Composite - MUSEO DELLA MERDA

Excrement Composite - MUSEO DELLA MERDA


Reusing waste as a resource for material innovation, experimentation and creation is not new but this project called Museo della Merda (The Shit Museum) as taken the concept to a new level, challenging the concept of waste. It all began when Gianantonio Locatelli, an agricultural entrepreneur, and some associates came up with a way to transform the 150,000 kilos of dung that the local farm, Castelbosco, produced a day, into electricity. The innovation and novelty began to gather momentum and attention. Soon the daring idea of the museum was born The objective to creative objects, share stories and collect artefacts concerning excrements, dismantling cultural norms and prejudice.

The material; Merdacotta is a shit composite! We’re afraid that there isn’t a delicate way to put it. In actual fact, it is a blend of dry dung, straw, farm waste and cay, depending on the object that is being produced. The dry dung tat in the main element that gives the material its names is a result of a process that rids the excrements the Castelbosco cows methane and urea, making it odourless. The methane is used to produce energy and heating for the museum. Mixed with clay the transformation is complete. The composite is then fired and crystallised.

Merdacotta has become a symbol for sustainability and transformation, used to create simple and rural shapes like bowls, jugs and vases, while sparking a challenging debate on water. These objects are designed to close the circle of nature. Who would have said shit could go this far.

Applications: Architecture, product and interior design


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