Banana Veneer - FIB AND CO

Banana Veneer - FIB AND CO


Green Blade® is a 100% natural veneer which is made from rapidly renewal and sustainable resources. The product utilised the trunks of banana plants, which naturally die after the fruit is harvested. These are transformed into large sheets with an organic grained surface that resembles wood.

Green Blade® provides an eco-friendly alternative to wood or laminate veneers, as the banana plant regrows to adulthood within nine months. It is available in a wide range of produces, with include standard and acoustic panels, as well as thinner panel facades. These beautiful natural tones add a warm stylish texture to both commercial and residential interiors. A translucent backing can also be applied, which can then be used in lampshades, to create attractive lighting with a unique glow.

Field of use: Industrial design, airports, retail, residential, interiors.

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