Ecodek Classic Deckboard by Ecodek

Ecodek Classic Deckboard by Ecodek


Ecodek has an appearance that is very similar to wood but without the grain (more importantly perhaps, it looks nothing like plastic). It is an alternative to wood, just like paving slabs are. It’s a new form of decking, not a wood substitute.

It is eco friendly and inherently a low maintenance, composite boards. Ecodek is made in the UK with a 25 year warranty.

Sanding, painting, sealing, nail pops, rotting, warping, splitting and splinters are not an issue with ecodek composite decking materials.

Composition:  Wood fibres 55%  Polyethylene 45%

Approximately 55% hardwood fibres (re-claimed from saw mills, i.e. top quality, kiln dried material) and 45% high-density polyethylene (both post-consumer and post-industrial feed stocks). Other ingredients are a high-quality colour pigmentation system, a wetting/bonding agent and a high-tech ultraviolet light inhibitor package.

Key features:

•   Long life – Solid composite deck boards like ecodek, are a superior alternative to hardwood or softwood decking as they will not splinter, rot or split.

•   Low Maintenance – Unlike timber decking ecodek will not need sanding or sealing it offers peace of mind in return for minimum effort.

•   Slip resistance – A low potential for slip wet or dry.

•   Minimal waste-Order the decking in lengths to suit your project for no extra charge.

•   Environmentally Friendly-95% of Ecodek is from upcycled materials.

Manufactured from reclaimed hardwood and polymer from recycled polyethylene, typically plastic milk bottles. Less energy is used for the manufacture of ecodek than for recycled plastic decking resulting in less carbon emissions. ecodek also has an in-built resistance to moisture eliminating the need for stains or sealants.


Since 2011 has FSC and PEFC certification meaning all the wood fibres used in ecodek products come from sustainable and well managed forests.


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