Corn Composite - Polly Redfern

Corn Composite - Polly Redfern


According to the CGIAR Research Program, maize production will double in the developing world between 2016 and 2050, which will make it the most globally produced crop by 2025. During harvesting, the easiest and least expensive way to get rid of the waste is through ‘slash and burn’ techniques. This releases dioxins, which if exposed in the atmosphere has harmful effects to health.

The Material

Maize matter is a biowaste composite, currently being developed in 3 iterations: a composite, a paper and a constructed surface. The maize composite is robust, odour free and has potential to be developed into a more sustainable alternative to particleboards including MDF and chipboard. This is still very early stage development but there is potential for use in small scale projects.

The Advantage

By repurposing waste materials generated during the production of maize, this project is engaged in creating new functional materials with an aim to eliminate damaging agricultural activities simultaneously providing an extra income for farmers and developing communities worldwide.

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