Aagje Hoekstra is a Netherlands based designer. Coleoptera is the name of the bioplastic she has constructed from dead beetles. The shells are a waste product of the animal food industry. The Shells are put through a chemical process that changes the molecular structure of the naturally occurring plastic, making it able to bond better.

The bioplastic is currently in very early stages and still being developed. It is thermally resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius. It preserves the memory of the beetles from which it is made in its appearance. To produce a 10cm square piece of the plastic it requires 2500 shells. In the Netherlands, insect farms throw away 30kg of Darkling beetles each day therefore the plastic can be made entirely from this by-product of the industry.

Due to its composition, the material is incredibly sustainable and could be a future alternative to plastic. It is also entirely biodegradable so combats the problems normal plastics pose on the environment at the end of their use.

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