Rust powder coating - ADAPTA

Rust powder coating - ADAPTA


The Background

The Patina collection by Adapta responds to the need to reproduce the natural oxidation of metals on a range of decorative surfaces. Most metallic coatings have a very regular chromatic effect that can look quite artificial and fake. This is why they created the Tile Patina, Oxide Patina I, Oxide Patina II and Soft Patina ranges.


The Material

These ranges offer imitations of the oxidation of metal and terracotta with irregular finishes that are pleasant to touch and give surfaces a deeper dimension of reality as well as a quality aesthetic finish.  All of the metal finishes contained in the their collections have been developed under the ADAPTA BONDING SYSTEM ® technology which facilitates optimal application. This special powder coating accentuates the shape and height of facades by creating depth and movement as the colour interacts with light and perspective. The bicolor effect obtained is very textural as it creatively reproduces oxidized copper. All colours are extremely durable and maintain their shine. Unlike other oxidized materials they do not stain or leave a residue and rust effects can be created even on light aluminium structures. It is an environmental-friendly and economical solution, in both the production and maintenance as it prevents the oxidation problems that occur with metals.


The Advantage

The low environmental impact powder coating creates an realistic effect, that can only be achieved, and at an extremely high cost, by using copper, the material that it is inspired by.

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