Royal Lumina - BASF

Royal Lumina - BASF


The Background

The Lumina Royal Indigo is a surface pigment coating with an exceptionally high quality of colour. It has been engineered to have an improved particle size distribution which results in increased lustre, and brightness and makes the colour vivid and consistent.


The Material

The pigment s available in two grades ‘standard’, ideal for use on consumer goods and packaging, and ‘Exterior’ which is suitable for automotive coatings and in building construction industries. It is a Mica-based interference pigment and owes its high quality to the improved particle distribution by make-up if smaller particle size. The resulting shade gained has a brilliant and smooth finish, which has been previously unachievable. 



The Advantage

The exterior grade of pigment is designed to be suitable for outside use and as such can be treated to make coatings more durable and resistant to humidity.

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