Metal coating for fabric - METALIER

Metal coating for fabric - METALIER


Metalier is a flexible metal coating for fabric, leather & cloth.  

Metalier’s flexible coating can be used for any number of things:

  1. Sticking with film and theatre – imagine sumptuous stage curtains in say copper or bronze.

  2. And what about drapes or curtains in restaurants, bars or private homes?

  3. A fabric headboard in a hotel or residence.

  4. Feature fabric panels in hotel lobbies or restaurants.

  5. Mementos. We have often been asked to coat first baby shoes and dancers special ballet shoes.  We have also coated a pair of children’s gumboots and a baseball cap.

 There is no limit to its versatility apart from your own imagination.


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Theses samples are not on sale, they are only on loan. Once you have made payment, the sample will be reserved and we will get in touch to arrange shipping. If it is the first time you are taking samples out on loan, we will require a deposit.