Architextile - ALEXANDRA GACA

Architextile - ALEXANDRA GACA


Sound absorbing and artistic. With a passion for three dimensional structures, textile designer Aleksandra Gaca has developed a series of woven textiles with a suprising added value: noise reduction. Acoustics are often a sensitive point in more minimalistic interior architecture. Thanks to the ribbed textures, these Architextile panels absorb sound waves more efficiently than flat textiles and thereby contribute to a more muted environment. 

The Architextile series is developed as an own label for the Project market and is ideal for use in the transitional areas between art, architecture and functional noise reduction. Depending on the size and dimensions of the space, the panels can be arranged as wall art or room dividers. The desired look is achieved through contrasts in the material mix of wool, mohair and metal threads: matt/gloss, hard/soft or high-tech versus natural. Custom made colours and compositions are possible in discussion with the design team. Whenever possible a positive choice is made for environmentally-friendly materia ls, such as organic cotton. The first projects for which Architextile elements were selected have already been delivered. See below 'projects'.

In addition to the acoustic and decorative applications found in project design, the Architextile panels are also finding their way into private interiors. Here particularly the 3D textures are important, playing, as they do, a game with light and shadow. The first series was released in soft pastels ( lemon-yellow/silver-grey, soft green/grey and beige/wood-hueslemon light blue, aqua). These exclusive fine-art panels are being made available for private purchase in limited editions. See below 'art-panels limited edition'.

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Theses samples are not on sale, they are only on loan. Once you have made payment, the sample will be reserved and we will get in touch to arrange shipping. If it is the first time you are taking samples out on loan, we will require a deposit.