SCIN in three words...

About SCIN

We source, advise, create materials for every conceivable surface both inside and outside the building. SCIN was created by designers Annabelle Filer and Graham Cox, both of whom trained as Architects. The material insight they gained through their experience in Design lead them to focus purely on material research.  We love materials. We work with a community of material experts and source materials from all over the world - using institutions, publications, fellow material researchers, manufacturers websites and blogs and visiting trade shows and events. SCIN's offer is simple: To find you the materials that you are looking for and then help you, if necessary, design with them. SCIN is a trigger for innovative, practical and green design using materials as part of the key to differentiate you from others.

SCIN is at the coalface between manufacturer/maker/scientist and Architect and Designer. It is a unique and privileged position to be in, gathering insight and knowledge from both sides and helping to solve creative problems and evaluate and suggest material improvements to the material innovators and manufacturers. SCIN shows the new and helps to find pathways toward change through materials innovation.

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